The types of new bodies we build include but are not limited to curtain siders, pantecs, trays, tippers, trailers, beaver tail bodies, glass bodies, refrigerated pantecs, skell bodies, curtain sider/pantec combined bodies, cage bodies, ute bodies and highly specialised bodies such as giant TV screen trailers, food trucks and dog wash trailers.

We specialise in tailoring pantecs/trays/curtainsiders etc to our customers’ specific needs. We are masters of customisation, working closely with our customers to ensure the highest standard of functionality possible. We have extensive experience in achieving complex combinations of customer specifications and have developed common function driven subcategories of basic Denkat bodies such as furniture pantec and bread pantec over many years of collaboration with truck owners and operators.


It is not unusual for us to do body swaps for customers whose Denkat body has outlasted their last few trucks, still going strong at 10-15 years old. We do all kinds of body swaps both within fleets and for individuals who are buying a new truck or selling an older truck.


We have an onsite Queensland Transport Approved Person, to oversee and certify our chassis modifications.


We do small through to extensive repairs to damaged bodies as well as insurance work. We also do minor maintenance work through to full body refurbishments.


We make alterations to accommodate a customer’s evolving needs as well as customise existing bodies recently purchased by our customers to suit their requirements. We can add accessories and new features as well as remove what is no longer required.


We provide a spare parts service to our interstate customers across Australia.